Saturday, 19 July 2014

Timeless space

Heh folks, this is a short post, or more like a link to my latest song. It's called Timeless space. Lyrics were co-written with my girlfriend Estrel, who also did vocals with me. This song was originally written about her when we first met. I came home one night about 3am from being out in the clubs with her, and did a quick recording while it was still fresh on my mind, or more like before I crashed out and couldn't remember how it went. That's why you should always record your demos. I actually forgot I recorded a quick demo of this song until about 3 years after I did it. Despite all the hiss on the original demo, it sounded like a good song, so I went to town on it.

Just out of interest, the solo at the end of the song was done using the set up I explained in my last post here. I thought the sound was pretty good, for the setup.