Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hi everyone, this is a link to a blog I wrote on WordPress.com last night. its about band collaborations and some problems that occur and possible solution to get yourselves out it and back to what you all love doing.
how to write a song, again

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Heh folks, this is an old song I recorded 15 years ago on a 4 track recorder and later transferred to my PC. This is a LO-FI home recording. No studio equipment involved here. hope you enjoy. visit my blog at link below
how to write a song, again.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

songwriters time and space

OK songwriters and especially new writers, a little thought towards your setup before you get stuck into that new song. You have just come up with a new idea for a tune. You're writing down as many of those ideas as they're flowing through your head. You have your guitar/keyboard close to you; ready for it to take its part in the next step of the writing process. You also know that the stream of inspiration is probably going to dry up at any stage. But that's OK, that's just how it works, you're ready to get stuck into the hard work when its time.

Time and space

So time, and another co-ordinate. "Space" also needs to come into play. Without these two vital ingredients, the struggles we have to go through to get our songs finished are suddenly put under more pressure to complete. Unless you are a paid professional who writes songs for an employer and has to write under 'I would imagine" much more difficult conditions on a daily basis. [I tip my hat off to you folk, you are truly inspirational for your skills and devotion and ability to work/write and create under those work environments]. People like myself have to rely on organizing our lives to a point where we have to give ourselves a lot of time to act upon the thoughts and ideas that flow through our minds when they materialize, so we can then work on them later.

Space is the other ingredient that is vital in songwriting. You need that place where you can relax and allow yourself to go where you need to go.


Once you have time and space at your disposal, you only need to worry about your creativity ability. But to have those two ingredients at your disposal, another element sometimes comes into the equation. Support. Either from, who you live with, be it your partner or family or housemates. Giving you that support or freedom to create in an unobtrusive environment helps with the creative processes required to complete a project once you've started it and the first burst of inspiration starts to flounder.


Setting aside 5/6 hours of uninterrupted time and space is a great feeling, knowing you have what you need now, to go into your creative zone. Even if it's just lying on your bed staring at the ceiling for an hour while your thoughts slowly form into words, which you can then write on paper. At this stage you don't want someone interrupting you, questioning what you're doing, or you haven't done all those household chores yet, [always a good idea to get that stuff out the way if it bothers you] then of course, there's, someone telling you, "We have to go out". "That's not my favorite thing to hear". [Not unless it's important of course] But after all, it is only songwriting and it's not the most important thing in the world. But it's just the most enjoyable.

What happens if these elements [Time and Space] are not at your disposal? Is this when potentially great songs are left half-finished because you have fallen victim to someone Else's time management requirements for your life. This is a great time to sit down by yourself and have a good look around to see if you have those elements in place in your life. Not just for songwriting expeditions, but just your life in general.

Half finished songs 

You don't want your half-finished master pieces only coming out momentarily when friends are around for a few drinks, or you play part of your song to some other muso for their opinion, "Yeah that sounds fantastic, but where's the rest of it," at least you get what sounds like a compliment.

Seriously though, I think the "time and space" requirement is more of a life issue than a songwriting necessity. But if you have those elements organized and functioning in your life, then your chances of developing your songwriting skill increases by as much time that you want to spend on it. Plus, only you are accountable for it. Good luck and good time management. Have fun writing.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

LOST AT SEA song used for beginners songwriting

I wrote this easy song as part of a tutorial in my "howtostartasong.com" website. If you want to learn some beginners songwriting idea's, than I recommend you have a look and read your way through the tutorial and watch the video. Have a awesome day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Series [1] 1of 5 guitar lessons:- Introduction

Hi every one, thanks for visiting my blog. the main focus I have on this blog is to help people who want to write there own songs.

If song writing is something you have done a lot of, then feel free to add some of your experiences to help other people who get stuck with there song writing.

We know what that can be like when writers block kicks in and you can't find those last few words to finish off a great song, or even trying to work out how to start a song, that can be just as frustrating if you aren't Shaw how to get those opening words on paper.

To help you along a bit, I have placed a link to my website that I hope you will visit and say hello and see if there is anything there that will help you through those beginners problem.

This is a link to my site."howtostartasong.com"

If by chance you are looking to start some guitar lessons first, then I have a introductory video that will get you started on your guitar lessons.

The link for my guitar lessons is "readyforjammin.com"

Thank-you very much and best of luck with your songwriting.