Monday, 3 March 2014

Series [1] 1of 5 guitar lessons:- Introduction

Hi every one, thanks for visiting my blog. the main focus I have on this blog is to help people who want to write there own songs.

If song writing is something you have done a lot of, then feel free to add some of your experiences to help other people who get stuck with there song writing.

We know what that can be like when writers block kicks in and you can't find those last few words to finish off a great song, or even trying to work out how to start a song, that can be just as frustrating if you aren't Shaw how to get those opening words on paper.

To help you along a bit, I have placed a link to my website that I hope you will visit and say hello and see if there is anything there that will help you through those beginners problem.

This is a link to my site."howtostartasong.com"

If by chance you are looking to start some guitar lessons first, then I have a introductory video that will get you started on your guitar lessons.

The link for my guitar lessons is "readyforjammin.com"

Thank-you very much and best of luck with your songwriting.

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